Why should I use Research Quest?

Research Quest is designed for you so we hope you find it to be one of the best things you've discovered in a very long time – something that supports your curriculum requirements including NGSS, Utah's SEEd Standards, and ELA standards. Some teachers have even described this program as being great preparation for student assessments.

It's easy to use! We have developed easy to use instructional guides, student assessment tools, and online resources that you can start using immediately. Read through the instructional guide and get started today.

It is a blast for students! Research Quest combines the latest in 3D technology with authentic, real-world research questions and includes a simulation-based game that gives students the chance to build their own dinosaur to survive several key challenges. With important guidance from you, students work collaboratively to practice both their critical thinking and communication skills all while engaged in the deeper learning outlined in your curriculum standards.

Last, but not least, it's FREE! That's right – it cost nothing thanks to several generous NHMU partners. All you have to do is sign up!